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Business Solutions for Stock and Inventory Control

Cradle Technology Services can assist with implementing a range of barcode-based business solutions in your company. We have experience with a number of vertical specific solutions and business optimization applications.

Stock Take & Inventory Management

Regain control of your stock and maintain visibility going forward by enabling stock take and inventory management functionality in your business.

Our solution specialists can give you expert business and technical knowledge on how to execute successful stock management, and the supporting hardware and software that would be needed.

GraniteWMS deployed for stock take is a perfect rapid solution that provides future scalability to optimize all aspects of your warehouse management.


Reduce turnaround time and improve data capture by implementing electronic proof of delivery (ePOD).

By using mobile computers to capture customer signatures and record GPS locations it is possible to improve accuracy, reduce the billing cycle, and dramatically improve cash collection and customer satisfaction.

Field Services

Barcoding business solutions can be used to effectively track and manage your field workers while simultaneously reducing customer response times.

It also creates more effective paper trails and data capture, reducing the time to invoice.

Production Traceability

Stock traceability is a necessary requirement in may fields such as medical and food supply chains.

Stock control and management systems can support end-to-end traceability, supporting food safety, and maintaining strict tracking of all products throughout the supply chain.

Compliance Labelling

As large manufacturers deploy barcode systems, the suppliers of products have to comply with the customer labelling requirements.

This type of compliance labelling is prevalent in the automotive industry and healthcare, and is becoming more common in a number of other industries.

Health Care Solutions

The health care industry often has specialized requirements when it comes to product and item traceability and management.

We therefore have a special focus on solutions and equipment that meet the needs of the healthcare industry. This includes specialized scanners and printers and end-to-end item visibility.

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