Outdoor Mobile Technology

Rugged mobile solutions for specialised environments and field work

Cradle Technology Services provides a selection of rugged mobile technology suitable for extreme environments and built to last.

Waterproof, dust proof, heat and cold resistant, mobile technology with a rugged, drop resistant build and all-day battery power.

Our selection of outdoor mobile technology will enable your field team to maintain peak performance in tough conditions.
crosscall core M5

Crosscall Core-M5

The Crosscall Core-M5 is a versatile and durable smartphone for professionals in need of a rugged solution. Suitable for the...
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Crosscall Core X4

Crosscall Core-X4 Smartphone

The Crosscall CORE-X4 is a rugged smartphone that combines ergonomics and performance. The Li-ion Polymer battery provides over 19hs of...
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Crosscall Core M4

Crosscall Core-M4 Smartphone

The Crosscall CORE-M4 is a rugged smartphone that has a compact size and tested resistance, making it practical and reliable...
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Crosscall Core T4

Crosscall Core-T4 Tablet

The Crosscall CORE-T4 tablet lets you bring your work anywhere. Suited for a range of industries, the Core-T4 rugged tablet...
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X-Car pro Vehicle Mount

Accessories: X-Car Pro Vehicle Mount

The X-Car Pro is the perfect accessory for easily and quickly recharging your Crosscall device while travelling by car. Compatible...
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x-ride motorbike mount

Accessories: X-Ride Mounting and Charging Kit

Designed for motobikes, the X-Ride uses X-LINK technology to attach the Crosscall smartphone to the bike’s handlebars or wing mirror...
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Crosscall x-chest harness

Accessories: X-Chest Fixing Harness

This reinforced fixing harness from Crosscall allows you to keep your smartphone fixed to your chest in every situation. This...
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Crosscall x-armband

Accessories: X-Armband

With this ergonomic armband from Crosscall, you can simply access all of the functions of your mobile while still able...
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Accessories: X-Power Station Multiple Charging Station

A reliable compact, and shock-resistant mobile charging solution. The X-Power Station allows you to quickly charge up to 10 mobiles...
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Crosscall x-cable

Accessories: X-Cable Charging and Data Transfer Cable

Charge your smartphone and transfer your data simple and intuitively thanks to the X-Cable. The magnetic, X-LINK compatible system gives...
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X-Dock Charger

Accessories: X-Dock Charging Station

Place the device in the desktop charging dock and enjoy quick, wireless and fuss-free recharging. You can still keep an...
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Our Partners

Some of our trusted partners include:

Outdoor Mobile Technology
— Support, Service and Repair

Cradle Technology Services offers countrywide support and maintenance for all hardware.
Email: support@cradle.co.za
Or call: 0861 222 254

Servicing and repair
We are a printer repair specialist partner for Zebra Technologies and our Cape Town and Johannesburg service centres have full workshop repair capabilities for all hardware.

Support Desk
Our dedicated help desk offers efficient and knowledgeable after sales support to ensure all hardware and solutions are working optimally.

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