Zebra Maintenance Plans: Crucial Coverage to Minimize Business Disruption

Zebra offers a range of flexible maintenance plans to suit the needs of your business. When unexpected failures occur, a maintenance plan can help reduce downtime and get you up and running again with minimal business disruption.

There are two plans offered by Zebra to suit your business needs, provide crucial day-to-day coverage and give you outcome protection.

Zebra OneCareTM Essential – Core Support with all-inclusive protection
– 8×5 live agent phone support
– Expedited repair and return time
– Software and security updates
– Cloud based visibility into repair reports and more with VisibilityIQTM OneCareTM

Zebra OneCareTM Select – Next level support with advanced replacement and more
– All the benefits of essential, PLUS
– 24/7 live-agent technical phone support
– ‘Like new’ device replacement
– Replacements pre-loaded with your settings, software, LifeGuardTM versions, apps, and OS with included Standard Commissioning Service

Zebra’s maintenance plan goes above and beyond a simple warranty. While a standard warranty will cover defects in workmanship and materials, a Zebra OneCare maintenance plan offers complete coverage including normal wear and tear, comprehensive and accidental damage and more. With fast and easy service that will repair or replace with a like new model so that you can be up and running with minimal business disruption.

All Zebra repairs are handled by Zebra certified experts who will ensure that the devices are always returned up to spec. A Zebra OneCareTM maintenance plan also provides access to key software value adds that will make sure your device’s software is always up to date and has the latest software, OS, and security updates. A Zebra maintenance plan also guarantees your devices have ongoing security support for the version of Android running in your organization and that you can prevent costly security risks. Keep your data protected and your business running smoothly with a simple and effective maintenance plan.

To find out more about the available Zebra maintenance plans for your devices contact us today.

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