Why You Need to Upgrade Your Warehouse Devices

Honeywell CK65

As older operating systems are no longer supported, legacy devices are exposed to increasing threats and vulnerabilities that can interfere with efficient business processes.

If you are currently using mobile devices such as the Honeywell CK3X, CK75 or CT50 in your warehouse, it is important to know that the Windows Operating System they utilize has reached end of life and is no longer supported.

These legacy devices therefore need to be phased out of your environment before they become a liability for your business. Some of the key issued caused by legacy devices include:

Security issues – as older operating systems approach end of life and are no longer supported with security patches they become increasingly vulnerable to viruses and external threats. These devices therefore become targets for hackers who are looking for unprotected devices as a means to gain access to the entire system.

Lack of updates and patches – beyond just security, the lack of updates and patches on legacy devices can result in bugs and glitches that impede productivity and never get fixed.

Compatibility – legacy devices that are running on out of date operating systems will not be compatible with new devices and systems that are introduced. This will add unnecessary complications to your technology environment and can lead to unplanned development costs and software issues.

Repairs – the more out of date the operating system the more difficult it can be to do repairs as there is little to no support for the system.

Degraded functionality – over time legacy devices will lose functionality as they struggle to keep up with newer models. App developers will no longer support the older OS and the outdated interfaces make tasks more complicated and less productive.

If your warehouse still utilizes these legacy devices, you should start considering how to phase them out and what the transition will entail. Honeywell has a range of mobile computers that provide an easy upgrade from these legacy devices. The Honeywell CK65 is the recommended replacement for CK3X or CK75 models, while the CT60 provides and easy replacement for the CT50.

Honeywell is currently rolling out Android 10 across its devices, ensuring that you get the latest possible OS functionality. Honeywell also strives to future proof their devices with forward compatibility, ensuring that you get an extended lifecycle out of your device. They Honeywell Mobility Edge platform provides Android version certainty and continuity with compatibility with each Android version guaranteed to at least Android 12, and possibly 13 pending feasibility.

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