Optimize your Warehouse with Mobile Technology

Warehouse mobile computer

Modernization and optimization are becoming increasingly important across the warehousing, distribution, and logistics space.

There is a growing customer expectation around speed and service as the always-on consumer is pushing an ever more competitive landscape. This in turn creates pressure to improve fulfilment speed and optimize operations in the warehouse.

To address this pressure, many warehouses are turning to improved mobile technology to support their drive for more optimized and efficient warehouses.

By incorporating mobile computers into the warehouse process, workers are free to move around unrestrained, while also eliminating clunky manual data capture, delayed reconciliation, and endless paper clogging up the workflow.

Utilizing mobile devices in the warehouse makes it possible to improve performance and mitigate the following warehouse challenges:

Accuracy – eliminating manual data entry and reconciliation improves picking, packing, and stock keeping accuracy in the warehouse.

Clarity – Using a mobile device to scan barcodes during the picking or packing process eliminates confusion between similar items and improves end-to-end traceability.

Productivity – More accurate order fulfilment means fewer returns, and less time lost to duplicate work. Accurate stock tracking and placement also means that time is not wasted looking for stock that is ‘hiding in plain sight’.

Process efficiency – By managing warehouse processes through a mobile computer, workflows become more streamlined, with fewer mistakes and faster turnaround times, enabling better customer service.

Training – Intuitive tools such as mobile computers that are easy to use and provide step-by-step instructions can reduce training time and make workers more efficient across all warehouse processes.

It is the integration of people, process and technology that will lead to improved workflows and more efficient warehouse processes. By connecting people, assets, and processes mobile technology can streamline warehouse operations, improving the speed and accuracy of order fulfilment.

At Cradle Technology Services we offer a wide variety of mobile technology that has been purpose built for the warehouse environment. This includes rugged technology that can withstand heavy usage and extreme environments.

If you are looking for an end-to-end warehouse management solution GraniteWMS offers a simple, cost effective software solution.

Our solution specialists will help you find the technology that is right for your business needs.