Optimise Ecommerce Fulfilment with Technology

As ecommerce becomes more popular, fast and accurate fulfilment becomes increasingly important to ecommerce retailers looking for a competitive edge.

The retail and ecommerce space is a complex ecosystem, and the line between online and offline is becoming more blurred. Stores are now doubling as distribution centres that fulfil online orders, manufacturers are drop-shipping merchandise to expedite retail deliveries and retailers are leveraging technology to manage last-mile delivery.

According to a recent study from Zebra looking at the latest trends in omnichannel:

  • 89% of respondents agree that ecommerce is driving a need for faster delivery times
  • Respondents  also indicated that their current inventory count is only 66% accurate.
  • 55% of respondents said that they are still using manual process and physical paperwork to manage their omnichannel logistics.

According to Zebra’s report 73% of consumers are now omnichannel shoppers, but only 39% of the supply chain providers surveyed reported operating on an omnichannel level. This is resulting in increased investment in technology and solutions that will optimise fulfilment.

Implementing mobile technology solutions in the ecommerce fulfilment process can improve and optimise a number of areas, such as:

Dynamic Delivery
Enable faster delivery and quickly respond to changing delivery locations or times with live updates and clear communication with the customer. By scanning the package at every step of its journey it is possible to get live and accurate tracking information from the fulfilment centre through the last mile, to the customer.

Stock Optimisation
End-to-end visibility of sock means that orders can be picked quickly and easily. Using a mobile device to scan all items means you can track stock levels, reduce lost and misplaced stock, and optimise picking.

Order Accuracy
Improving picking accuracy can save both time and money. More accurate picking means fewer mistakes in customer orders, resulting in reduced returns. Using mobile devices to scan all items during picking improves picking accuracy as all items are validated against the order. This means less time, effort and cost lost to fixing mistakes, and happier customers that get the products they need.

Fulfilling online orders requires a high degree of inventory visibility and operational efficiency. Inventory allocation, reducing backorders, and replenishment efficiency are the top hurdles facing logistics companies with omnichannel fulfilment, Zebra’s study found.

Technology solutions that help support fast, accurate, and streamlined fulfilment in the ecommerce environment are becoming increasingly popular as consumers expect faster delivery times and better tracking for their online orders.

If you are interested in technology that could be used in your ecommerce environment to optimise fulfilment, you can learn more about some of our hardware options below or contact us to talk to a solutions specialist for expert advice.

Zebra MC3300 Mobile Computer

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Zebra TC26 Rugged Smartphone

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