Important Message for All BarTender Users: Critical Update

BarTender  recently learned of a new malware attack that targets a vulnerability in older releases of BarTender 2016 and certain updates from BarTender 2016 to BarTender 2019. Earlier this year BarTender issued fixes for this security issue. They now urge all users to update their software as soon as possible if they haven’t already done so.

A fresh installation of BarTender 2019 does not have the vulnerability, but if a user upgraded from BarTender 2016 to BarTender 2019 on the same machine, they may still be affected. The releases of BarTender 2019 R7 and newer specifically include a patch to fix this problem.

The following actions are needed for the various versions:

  • BarTender 10.1: No Action Needed
  • BarTender 2016: Update to the latest BarTender 2016 release (click here)
  • BarTender 2019: Customers who updated from BarTender 2016, update to the latest BarTender 2019 release (click here)
  • BarTender 2019 Clean Install: No Action Needed
  • BarTender 2021 Preview 1 & 2: No Action Needed

You can identify which edition and release of BarTender you are using with this guide (click here).

You can also reach out to the BarTender Technical Support if needed (click here).