How Investing in Rugged Devices Can Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

rugged device

When investing in mobile devices for your business there are a number of options to choose from with a range of price points and functionality. It is therefore important to look at not only the total upfront costs of a device, but the total cost of ownership through the entire lifecycle of the device to see where the best value lies.

With this in mind, Honeywell, as a leading producer of productivity enabling hardware, has highlighted some of the key factors that will affect the total cost of ownership for a device.

How long the device will last? – many consumer grade mobile devices are designed to be replaced by newer models every year or two. Honeywell’s industry grade mobile devices however are built to last at least three to five years, even with heavy usage reducing the need for replacements and upgrades.

How easily will the device break? – Honeywell’s rugged devices are built to withstand a tough working environment. They can survive repeated drops onto hard concrete as well as exposure to dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures. This makes them less prone to critical breakages in the course of normal usage, reducing the need repairs and replacements.

Battery life? – a device that is being used in a work environment needs to last an entire shift without constantly needing to be swapped out or charged. Honeywell devices that are built to sustain continuous usage throughout the day. This means there is no loss of productivity as they do not need to be constantly recharged.

Service and support options? – Honeywell’s enterprise grade rugged devices come with enterprise level service and support. This can be essential to keeping devices operating optimally and reducing downtime while also extending the lifespan of devices.

Does it support the workflow? – Honeywell’s rugged devices are built for a tough work environment and are optimized to support and optimize productivity. They are more ergonomically designed to support continuous usage and can be designed for specialized user needs, such as the ability to use them while wearing gloves. Rugged devices also support field workers with better connectivity to enable uninterrupted workflows even in remote areas.

Honeywell Rugged Devices

When considering a new device for the workplace all of these factors should be taken into consideration around the total cost of ownership for a device. If a device is constantly breaking, losing power, needing to be replaced, causing strain on the user or otherwise causing a loss of productivity, it can end up costing the business more.

The Honeywelll Mobility Edge range of rugged devices is a clear solution for any business looking to enable greater productivity.

Honeywell’s range of rugged devices offers:

  • Rugged engineering – ensuring the devices can withstand a harsh work environment.
  • Forward Compatibility – Honeywell mobility edge devices use the latest Android OS and are future proofed through to Android 12 to ensure they do not become obsolete and and offer full functionality for their entire lifecycle.
  • Purpose built equipment – Honeywell offers specialied devices for different extreme environments, such as cold stores, outdoors, remote field work, etc.

A Honeywell rugged device will therefore outlast and out perform any standard consumer grade mobile device, creating a lower cost of ownership over its lifecycle.

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