Future Proof Your Warehouse with a Mobile Device Upgrade Plan

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Creating a long term strategy for your warehouse hardware allows you to fully sweat your assets while being aware of future technology requirements. 

Mobile Computers have become an essential tool in the modern warehouse, enabling fast and efficient item scanning and stock management. With the constantly evolving nature of technology however, companies need to onboard this type of hardware with the future in mind.

While in the consumer mobile market devices are generally replaced every 2-3 years, enterprise hardware is expected to last at least five years, if not more. Businesses must therefore consider not only the full life cycle of the hardware but also the platforms and software it utilizes, to ensure optimal usage of all devices.

For example, many warehouses are still using Windows CE and Windows Mobile as the operating system for their hardware. But as these systems approach end of life, companies will have to start making the move to Android.

A fear of business disruption can prevent decision makers form upgrading technology, but modernizing should not be forced upon the company by the changing technology landscape around it. A company should have a plan or journey in place for upgrading to a new operating system, and idea of how their current and future hardware will factor into that plan. If it is an active decision, that is thoughtfully planned out from within the company, it can also have the benefit of improving productivity, communication, and workflow within the warehouse.

For example, if you are currently using mobile devices such as the Honeywell CK3X, CK75 or CT50 it is important to consider that these devices are being phased out, as support for the Windows OS ends. Replacements will not be available for long and if you want to fully sweat them as an asset you must make sure you have all the units you require now.

But more importantly, you must also consider what the transition will look like when you need to retire the unites and move to a new Android operating system. There will come a point where you have to update both operating system and hardware. The Honeywell CK65 is the recommended replacement for CK3X or CK75 models, while the CT60 provides and easy replacement for the CT50. By staying within the same family of products it is possible to make this transition with minimal business disruption, as much of the basic functionality will remain the same.

Now more than ever companies need to make sure that they can keep pace with current market demands and evolving consumer behavior, not just in the current moment, but into the future. Choosing the right technology to help with this transition can be pivotal to business success.

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