Explore the Inventory Basics with GraniteWMS – Warehouse 101

Inventory management

The correct organisation and management of your inventory is one of the keys to proper warehouse management.

To help you improve your inventory management approach and processes GraniteWMS has put together a series of posts on their blog to outline some of the basic principles you can apply to your inventory management. Explore the post below to learn more:

Warehouse 101 – Inventory Basics – Naming Conventions 

When setting up a warehouse it is important to give all items a descriptive name that is capable of uniquely identifying the specific item. Learn more about item naming best practices.

Warehouse 101 – Inventory Basics – Why Conduct a Stock Take?

To conduct a successful stock take you must first make sure you understand the benefits and function of a stock take. This can affect how you carry out the stock take and highlight areas you might need to focus on while doing it. Learn some of the considerations to keep in mind before doing a stock take.

Warehouse 101 – Inventory Basics – How To Conduct a Stock Take

Once you understand why you are counting your inventory, and what information you are hoping to get out of the process, you can start to think about how you are going to conduct your stock take. Learn about the key considerations that you must keep in mind to set yourself up for success.

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The Granite Warehouse Management System is an end-to-end barcode-based warehouse management software solution, enabling full traceability of all items in your warehouse and optimising warehouse processes and performance.