Equip Your Field Workers for Success with Rugged Mobile Devices

Rugged Tablet

Being well equipped for field operations will help you win in the on-demand economy. Rugged tablets give you performance in any environment under any conditions.

Operational success is often in the hands of your in-field workforce so they need to be equipped with tools that enable them to perform at their best, regardless of the surrounding environment. Challenging work conditions, extreme environments, and remote locations can all impact productivity and create operational issues for field workers.

There is no ‘typical’ day for someone working in the field. That is why they need equipment that is reliable and durable. Rugged mobile technology can improve service and support in all working conditions and enable companies to maintain service continuity and reliability.

Some of the key features of mobile rugged tablets that will empower a more productive field workforce include:

Connect from virtually anywhere, anytime – access critical data from remote locations and areas with low reception by utilizing industry leading connection capabilities.

Increased visibility in bright environments – Higher nits rating makes it easy to view information displayed on-screen when working outdoors.

Battery power that lasts the entire shift – extended-life batteries allow your team to use the tablets for a full shift without needing to recharge.

Rugged design – a tough exterior provides drop protection up to 6ft.

Protection from the elements – built to handle extreme heat, cold, and inclement weather, to ensure field technicians can be effective in any environment.

Rugged tablets give users the power and performance to succeed – in any industry, for any application. They are designed with front-line users and workplaces in mind, giving workers the best-action guidance needed to optimize in-motion operations and make business critical decisions.

Cradle Technology Services offers a full range of rugged devices from Zebra, Honeywell and Crosscall offering a great choice for rugged, purpose-built tablets with the proven enterprise services and support that organizations need to maintain provide continuity and reliability.