Datalogic Mobile Devices – A Smart Alternative

Datalogic Skorpio X5

Datalogic has recently launched the Skorpio X5, a new key-based mobile computer designed for use in the retail, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and healthcare verticals.

It joins the Datalogic Memor 10 mobile device as part of the Datalogic mobile computer range, offering a cost effective and versatile solution for businesses that need to track and mange inventory.

The Skorpio X5 has the largest multi-touch display in the Portable Data Terminal market as well as the latest generation Datalogic mid-range scan engine. The mid-range imager can read up to 2m in distance, for customers that need a slightly longer than standard range, without investing in costly long-range scanners.

Both the Skorpio X5 and the Memor 10 offer wireless charging, enabling high levels of reliability and lower cost of ownership. Wireless charging means lower maintenance costs, since traditional charging contacts are more prone to failure, rust, dust accumulation, and microbial growth.

The Skorpio X5 also comes with hot swappable battery technology and state-of-the-art charging and battery management, making the device suitable for long shifts.

These devices are designed with chemical cleaner resistant plastic enclosures, so that they can endure frequent cleaning with standard sanitizing cleaning products and are also available in a Healthcare version which includes the same features with a cleanable enclosure and dedicated accessories.

As some of the most rugged mid-range devices available Datalogic mobile computers are a good choice that offer performance and reliability. They are also available in an all-in-one kit which includes all the necessary equipment, including batteries, pistol grips and cases.

If you would like to know more about the Datalogic mobile computers please contact us to speak to one of our solution specialists.