Cradle Technology Services – Efficient and Knowledgeable Support


Our Support Team is Here to Help

At Cradle Technology Services we have a highly trained support team with years of industry knowledge and hands on experience between them. This enables us to provide efficient and knowledgeable support, servicing, repair, and maintenance for a wide range of hardware and software issues.

To help you get the most out of our support services our team has put together some troubleshooting tips that you can run through when experiencing technical issues. These will help you build a clear picture of the problem for the team and enable a swift and efficient resolution.

When contacting support, it is important to provide as much information as possible so that we can correctly identify the problem and work quickly towards a solution. With this in mind, before reaching out it is advisable to perform some basic checks on your device.

Firstly check whether it is receiving power, i.e. check that all the required cables are fully plugged in, powered on, and in the correct ports. Secondly power down the device and power it back on, to see if the issue is a once off glitch or ongoing. Thirdly see if it is possible to reset the device and if doing so stops the problem from re-occurring.

If the issue persists after these checks, it is useful to have the following information ready to provide to the support team:

  • All relevant contact information – this includes your name and the name of the company as well as full contact details of the relevant designated contact person we should follow up with regarding the support ticket.
  • All relevant details of the malfunctioning device – this includes the hardware make and model number as well as any other identifying specifications.
  • A description of the fault – give us as much information as possible about the issue you are experiencing. This could include screenshots, photos, video recording, etc.

This will enable them to streamline their assistance and quickly resolve the issue.

Our support and service team are highly trained and knowledgeable and our product partners and vendors have strict training policies that we adhere to so that our team is equipped with the latest knowledge to properly resolve issues and offer expert advice.
Our product partners provide regular training academies, and our team attends constant online courses to keep up to date with the latest product developments. This enables us to maintain the highest possible repair statues with our hardware vendors.

Through Zebra Technologies, we have completed numerous training sessions and courses which they make available to their partners. In 2019 our team became Advanced Printer Repair Specialists, upgrading from our previous level as Zebra Printer Repair Specialists. We have also received specialty training from Honeywell that enables us to repair certain handheld device models and helped maintain our status as a Honeywell Gold Performance Partner.