Barcode Labels in the Warehouse

barcode labels

In a warehouse environment a barcode label can have several different functions that will help you describe, sort, and manage your stock.

A barcode label can encode various different types of information, including:

  • A price indicator – recording the price of the item.
  • A tracking entity – identifying the item and tracking its journey through the warehouse from receiving and put-away, to picking, packing, and shipping.
  • A location identifier – marking an area of a warehouse for put-away purposes.
  • An asset number – uniquely identifying individual items.
  • A descriptor – identifying the make/model/colour/etc. of the item.

A comprehensive label can also include additional features such as instructions, ingredient lists, warning labels, and company logos.

Labels are essential for any identification process. They are an essential part of successful stock management and control in a warehouse environment. To this end Cradle works with Labels for Barcoding, our in house label manufacturing division, to provide the necessary materials to our clients.

Labels for Barcoding

At Labels for Barcoding we offer everything you need for your warehouse labelling including a wide variety of label sizes and types, label printers, print heads and ribbons, and printer cleaning supplies.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we produce high quality barcode label products for a range of uses and applications across industry and client needs. This includes direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels, polyester labels, polypropylene labels, removeable labels, coloured labels, and more.

Pre-Printed Labels

We also offer a pre-printing service for clients who would like to execute a specific labelling project without taking on the hardware and media outlay.

This includes projects such as once-off warehouse location labelling, quality control label batches (e.g. ‘choice grade’), and specialised labels for extreme environments (e.g. deep freezers), among others. These pre-printed labels can be specialised to the unique needs of your warehouse and the conditions it presents.

We use the latest label printing software and hardware to ensure the data integrity and accuracy of your pre-printed labels, and only use the highest quality label materials and adhesives to produce a robust final product.