Hardware Financing through Merchant West OpEX Rental

Cradle Technology Services has partnered with Merchant West to offer an easy financing option for your mobile computer, barcode scanner or label printer investments.

Through Merchant West Asset financing it is possible to acquire or upgrade your technology without the need for a large upfront capital outlay. We will work with you to create a customized asset finance solution that is specific to the unique requirements of your business and industry.

Merchant West Technology Financing lets you meet your business equipment needs, giving you immediate access to the technology you need to run your business most effectively. As financial experts they can offer a range of easy and secure financing options to suit your business needs.

How It Works

If you are interested simply tell our solution specialists that you would like a financing option presented with your hardware quote.

A step-by-step process:

  • Tell us your hardware, software, and servicing needs.
  • We will prepare your quote and share it with Merchant West.
  • Merchant West will review the quote and offer a financing option.
  • You can negotiate the financing terms with Merchant West.
  • Once agreed, we will provide and install the hardware, software, and services as quoted.
  • You will repay Merchant West, according to your agreement, in a series of easy installments.

Key benefits

There are a number of key business benefits to financing your equipment purchase. These include:

Good for cash flow

There is no upfront cash outlay so you can retain working capital.

Easy budgeting

With fixed monthly payment amount the expense is easy to budget for.

No upfront VAT outlay

The VAT is paid over the term of the rental and can be claimed back. The large upfront VAT claims from SARS on cash transactions are avoided.

OPEX budget not the CAPEX budget

The rental amount comes out of the operating budget rather than the capital budget making buy-in and decision making easier.

Flexible repayment options

The rentals can be structured with a variety of payment options, including payment in advance, payment in arrears, with a deposit, with a balloon payment, with escalations, quarterly, etc.

Ensures equipment is kept up to date

Leasing the equipment is an easy way to ensure that it remains up to date and removes the burden of obsolete hardware.

Include all aspects of a project

The hardware, software, installation, maintenance, and support can all be bundled into one package and paid off with a single repayment amount.

Better information security

All financial information sits with Merchant West ensuring data security and confidentiality.

All financing is offered on a case-by-case basis.

Speak to one of our solution specialists to find out more about how this solution could work for you.