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With tens of thousands of products installed in healthcare facilities around the world, Cradle can call on the expertise needed to help hospitals solve their toughest data collection challenges. Our innovative healthcare scanners with disinfectant-ready housings are designed to allow healthcare professionals to execute the ‘5 rights’ of patient safety while minimizing the risk of spreading infectious diseases.


Patients are welcomed by admissions staff who produce a barcoded wristband to identify all patients during their stay. At each scan of the wristband, nurses get immediate access to critical patient information at the bedside and across all hospital departments.

In hospital pharmacies, most medication packages will carry a barcode. These barcode labels are then scanned at the point-of-issue to immediately verify and record medication dispensing. This ensures patient safety and streamlines patient records.

Hospital and independent laboratories improve specimen identification accuracy and tracking efficiency thanks to the use of barcodes. These barcodes can be scanned in laboratories or at the bedside to record transfers and create accurate test result entries.

Successful patient care requires that the right medical supplies are delivered and available at the right time. Maintaining and distributing medical inventory can take up a large portion of medical staff and technicians' time.

Mobile healthcare scanning technology is being deployed at the point-of-care to dramatically reduce errors.

Using healthcare barcoding for identification and verification not only reduces errors, it improves process efficiency and costs

Hospitals are businesses and they have to account for their financials like any other business.  Asset management and maintenance is a key requirement.  In hospitals, emphasis must be on managing asset lifecycle and the renewal process.

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