Zebra MC2200 and MC2700 Mobile Computers

Zebra MC2700 mobile computer

The Zebra MC2200/MC2700 is a cost-effective mobile solution for small- and medium-sized businesses. 

The MC2200 and MC2700 mobile computers are cost-effective devices providing  Zebra’s best-in-class technology. These mobile computers are built to take workers’ productivity and task accuracy to a new level on the warehouse floor, manufacturing plant and retail store, or outside in a port or yard, delivering goods or repairing equipment.

With Zebra’s first Android key based WiFi/cellular data model (MC2700) and the WiFi-only model (MC2200) connect any worker anywhere, whether they are on premise or out in the field.

The industrial lightweight design delivers comfort and ease of use for all workers. The integrated touchscreen and keypad support today’s ‘green screen’ apps, and tomorrow’s graphical touch-screen apps. With an optional trigger handle accessory, users can transform the device into a gun-style form factor for more scan intensive tasks.

The MC2200 and MC2700 deliver great value and a low cost of ownership without compromising quality. Every device comes equipped with Mobility DNA Professional, a set of tools that transforms Android into an enterprise-ready force.

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