Enterprise mobility solutions

Enterprise mobility is the trend toward a shift in work habits, with more employees working out of the office and using mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks.


Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is the set of people, processes and technology focused on managing the increasing array of mobile deviceswireless networks, and related services to enable broad use of mobile computing in a business context.


ePOD allows a delivery to be confirmed by GPS location, sign on screen by the recipient, and even take a photograph of the parcel in the hands of the person receiving it.  

While ePOD is easy to do, the benefits are significant.

Field Service technicians are typically given a pack of jobs to do, some tools, possibly some parts, and told to get on with the job.  Often this means that the job cards and updates on job status takes days to return to the office. 


Jobs issued electronically over the air to a technician gets the jobs out faster, confirms that the job is being handled, get the job results in faster and ensures the billing cycle and hence payment cycle is reduced. From improved payment to proving that SLA's are being met -Field Service mobility solutions deliver results fast.

The transportation and logistics industry can deploy mobile applications and devices for vehicle inspections, both pre and post trip, for in trip incident reporting, and for dynamic routing of vehicles.

The same devices can be use for navigation, tracking, and paging or voice over IP communications (PUSH TO TALK) with the driver

Sales people on the road can utilise mobile solutions to investigate sales history while in front of the customer.  They can recommend stocking orders that are a better fit to the sales history and business forecast and they can also check stock, advise the customer on specials and then process sales orders accordingly.


Sales directly from the delivery vehicle with the accompanying stock update to ERP and invoicing ensure that stock at the customers door is sold if required.  

Mobile applications and devices are a key enabler to this category of solution.

Inspection of assets and plant for maintenance is a key mobility solution. An engineer or technician can confirm the asset location, can inspect and answer a set of predetermined questions to establish the asset's condition and can even access diagrams, parts required, specification and possible warnings or breakdown indicators.

In the past, inspections, assessments and surveys were completed on paper.  Badly filled in forms where collated and sent to data capturing to transpose to a PC and then finally, information analysed and extracted.


Today, using rugged mobile tablets data is validated as it is entered and available immediately for ongoing analysis and even improvement of the survey while on the go.


Insurance companies doing assessments and inspections, data capture companies doing surveys and engineers doing inspections in the field can all benefit from enterprise mobility solutions.

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